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Chris Schilling
For a small child that needs to break out of his/her shell, this is the place.  Our quiet, sensitive, demur  5 year old enrolled, and within months was a different child.  She is more confident and sure of herself.

Eric Black Maxi Williams

I can't even put it in words it's so great full of energy and has focus time for metal training and knowledge! Fiscal has the heart and fire other traditional Taekwondo school and has the new school edge and modernized teaching techniques!

Dan Yang

If you belive upright and bright personality and proper manner make one's life, this is the place where young children can make a better life.

Bob Brenniser
​Master Kim is a dedicated teacher and highly skilled master. He cares about his students and is always there to help one become more proficient. He helped me immensely in obtaining my 1st degree Black Belt at the age of 54 years-old! Now Master Kim is in Lansdale PA to train YOU! Please attend a trial class soon. You will not regret it.

Corinna McElwain

Master Kay Kim is such a well rounded person!! He is amazing at forms, sparring, breaking, flipping, and has many other skills as well. Master Kay Kim is an amazing teacher for children of ages and adults too! He is so creative, always energized, and always ready to go! I have studied the art of TaeKwonDo with Master Kay Kim for many years and have enjoyed every part of it. He has taught me SO much. Master Kay Kim has been such a positive influence on my life in, and out of, TaeKwonDo.

Barb Taylor

Master Kim LIVES everything that I love about Taekwondo - the hard work, the dedication, the integrity, the commitment to rise to a challenge, the caring, and of course the physical skills. My three children and I have all benefited from his training and his example as a person. You will love him as a teacher and as a person!

Christopher X Eng

Master K Kim is a inspirational and great master. I and my son have had the honor of studying, learning and obtaining our 1st degree black belt in taekwondo under Master K Kim. I can't imagine another Master with the heart and passion he has. To attend his school I can only think of positive things.

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